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Create New File and Layer on Autocad.

This post will show 2 first steps for you to start drawing, create new file and layer in Autocad.


I`m sure everyone know how to create new file right?. You can click on your autocad icon on desktop and save as it as usual. But if you`re already on drawing window and want to create another new file here`s the steps:

1. You can go to FILE and click NEW or
2. You can click on the CREATE NEW icon on toolbar. like the pic below, see the orange underline.

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Introduction Autocad.

In the last few years, I try to spend more productive time on internet than facebooking. So it came to my head to write a post about Autocad for beginner. I use Autocad for drawing my work ( architectural project ) in 2D or 3D. For those who just started use this program is kinda hard at beginning, but if you keep practice, you get it right eventually.

Autocad is a program with graphics basic that launched by Autodesk. The program will help designer draw in 2D and 3D architectural project in particular. See the pic below, its a interface of Autocad.

Introduction Autocad

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